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Amber Yholeata

Posted on 24 April 2012 by mwilliams

Courtesy of Amber Yholeata

Songstress, Storyteller, and friend of Mr. DC – Amber Yholeata is ready to add some spice into the music industry. Her style of music is noted as a mix of rock, blues, funk, and pop. And be clear, the bright clothes, wild hair and over the top personality has been her since the beginning she is NOT a Nicki Minaj clone.

In 2009 Amber dropped her first album entitled Forever, which was an underground success. On April 5th, the first single from her upcoming album, “So What,” hit iTunes!

Amber describes “So What” as a testament of feelings revolving around the question we all find ourselves asking, “what if…?”

“It’s a song about following your gut & going for your dreams,” says Amber. “If you put 100% into something & it doesn’t go as planned, then maybe it wasn’t for you.  You’ll never know if you don’t try…”

Download “So What” on iTunes now and watch the official video here


-Audreana Robinson

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